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Professional Growth & Balance

Do you want to peak as a professional while reclaiming your personal life?

Professional Growth & Balance Therapy / Counseling in Simpsonville, SC serving the Five Forks area (including Simpsonville, Mauldin, Greenville & Greer)

Therapy for professionals / high achievers struggling to find life balance.  Growing a successful career while also having a fulfilling personal life.

Professional Growth & Balance: Welcome

Professional Growth & Balance

Having it all seemed like a great goal, but now you wonder if you can do anything to 100%. 

As a high achieving professional you’ve accomplished a lot. You look like you have it together and the people around you have no idea how hard it can be to keep your head above water.  The stress at work is stifling and your relationships are falling apart.  


While career success can seem satisfying at first, the constant pressure to perform can take a toll and perfectionism can become debilitating. The more effort you put forth to keep things going at work the more your social life and relationships unravel. 

You can peak as a professional while nurturing a healthy personal life outside of work. I can help you get it done. 

Professional Growth & Balance: Service

Feel like your running on empty & your relationships are falling apart?

Maybe your productivity at work has been halted by worries and thoughts of perfectionism. You may be having trouble keeping up with your responsibilities at work or so stressed out when you get home that you are snapping at the people who love you the most. Perhaps you feel like you're failing or you feel like an imposter winging it from day to day.

Whatever it is that your experiencing you’re beginning to see the effects in every facet of your life:

  • Exhausting yourself with work and being too tired to be engaged at home

  • Excessive worry about everything falling apart

  • Increased drinking to unwind

  • Difficulty sleeping 

  • Changes in your appetite 

  • Neglecting social time with your friends

  • Increased tension with your significant other

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Professional Growth & Balance: About Therapy

Professional Growth & Balance Counseling can help!

It may be hard to imagine now, but YOU CAN BREATHE AGAIN. You can achieve greatness at work and be present at home while enjoying the  results of your accomplishments and determination. 


Professional growth & balance counseling helps you do several things:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome

  • Improve leadership skills 

  • Work through what's keeping you stuck & grow your career

  • Utilize strategies that allow you to get more done

  • Create balance in your professional and personal life

  • Beat perfectionism

  • Gain confidence in your ability to communicate effectively at work and at home

  • Navigate healthy relationships at work, at home, and in social situations

  • Manage your stress and distractibility. 

Professional Growth & Balance: Text
Key to Success

Peak as a professional growing your career while you prosper in your personal life!

Stifling stress and empty relationships don’t have to be your future. It’s time to find balance in your work life and personal life moving forward with confidence.

I can help you find your personal key to success.

I will guide you in this process, tailoring each step to your particular needs and challenges. My approach to therapy for high achievers comes from a place of finding peace and balance: promoting your interpersonal and professional growth to become the best version of yourself at work and at home.

Professional Growth & Balance: About Therapy
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