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Freedom from
Anxiety & Stress

Do you want to feel free of the stress and anxiety that is keeping you stuck

and reclaim your joy?

Anxiety, Stress, Life Change Counseling / Therapy in Simpsonville, SC serving the Five Forks area (Simpsonville, Mauldin, Greenville, & Greer)

Therapy for adults experiencing anxiety and/or stress that has interfered with your life and relationships.

Anxiety, Stress, Life Change: Welcome

Anxiety, Stress, and Life Changes Overwhelming You?

We have all been hearing a lot about stress and anxiety these days.  

Who hasn’t had any stress in their lives? If you work, parent, study, have relationships, families, or just about anything else, then YOU have had STRESS.


One constant in life is change. For most people, change shakes us up a bit.

Have you ever left home to go to college, launched into adulthood, adjusted to married life or parenthood or bought a new home? Got a promotion at work or changed your profession entirely? What about when you felt that empty nest feeling when you sent your babies away to school or the feeling of uncertainty that can follow retirement after a long career. 

Stress is that feeling of tension triggered by a life change or life event. Anxiety is that feeling of fear or worry that some people have when they are stressed or it can occur randomly with no obvious trigger. 


Find peace and recapture your personal joy. Whether you are experiencing stress or anxiety or both…

I can help you turn a life change into Transformation.

Anxiety, Stress, Life Change: Services

Can't catch your breath? Do you feel like everything is catching up with you?

Maybe you’re “losing it” with your family or missing deadlines at work.  Perhaps you’ve been neglecting your friends and a social life seems out of reach. Your thoughts are spinning out of control.

You’re probably experiencing a lot and beginning to notice the impact of this in every aspect of your life. 

  • Feel like you can't breath

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Lack of focus 

  • Panic attacks

  • Thoughts are racing

  • Neglected relationships

  • Lower productivity

  • On edge and irritable 

  • Declining health

  • Decreased social life 

Stressed Woman
Anxiety, Stress, Life Change: About Therapy

Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, & Life Change 
can help!

It may feel impossible now, but you can learn strategies to manage the stress in your life. You can feel more peaceful and more in control. I can help you get your personal power back by navigating life changes with ease, overcoming the stress, and healing what comes from anxiety. 


Therapy for anxiety and stress can help you :

  • Identify the stressor or life change that might be causing the problem

  • Learn skills to manage the stress

  • Resolve deeper problems that might be triggering your anxiety

  • Navigate life changes that feel overwhelming

  • Use strategies to feel better and more in control

  • Learn how to use your anxiety or stress to motivate positive action

  • Minimize or eliminate the fear or worry that holds you back

  • Face life's changes with the knowledge and confidence that you have the ability to move forward successfully.

  • Feel confident in your ability to help yourself when stress, anxiety, or panic show up

  • Get back in the drivers seat of your life

Anxiety, Stress, Life Change: Text
Man Carrying his Girlfriend

Take Charge of Anxiety & Stress and Manage Life Changes with Ease!

Anxiety and stress don’t have to rule your life. It’s time to get your power back and live in joy!

I can help you overcome the overwhelm. 

I will walk you through this process, tailoring each step to your individual needs and circumstances.

My approach to anxiety and stress comes from knowledge and practice: being proactive in changing the circumstances (if possible), solving the problem, improving your response and practicing self-care.  

Anxiety, Stress, Life Change: About Therapy
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